Limited Edition of 150 Fountain Pen -Koi
Limited Edition of 150 Fountain Pen -Koi
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The Koi fish, or Nishikigoi in Japan, is a symbol of courage throughout East Asia.  Its significance is associated with determination, perseverance, aspiration and advancement in the face of adversity.  Koi fish, a type of carp, swim agaist the current in the Yellow River in China.  Legend says that if the fish makes it to the Dragon Gate waterfall and swims up the falls/mist, it will become a dragon.  This hand-painted koi pen is one of a kind, as each one bears unique markings in black and orange.  
 I engrave the artwork into naturally shed elk antler, and then hand-paint it with using a 10 power magnifier and a very small brush.  For the cap, I chose to use East Indian Rosewood.  The effect is quite stunning.  I have chosen to use bronze fittings.   It will arrive to you with a medium point German made nib, a piston converter, an international ink cartridge, and a black display case which has a glass lid.  If you choose the rollerball it will come filled with an international sized insert which can be easily replace at most office supply outlets.
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