Limited Edition of 150 - Caique
Limited Edition of 150 - Caique
Fountain Pen - Hand painted Caique leftFountain Pen - Hand painted Caique middleFountain Pen - Hand painted Caique backFountain Pen - Hand painted Caique right
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This exotic Amazonian parrot pronounced "kaik" was commissioned by a bird-loving patron. 
I engrave the artwork into naturally shed elk antler, and then hand-paint it with using a 10 power magnifier and a very small brush.  For the cap, I chose to use Honduras rosewood burl.  The effect is quite stunning.  I have chosen to use rhodium fittings with black titanium accents.   It will arrive to you with a medium point German made nib, a piston converter, an international ink cartridge, and a black display case which has a glass lid.  If you choose the rollerball it will come filled with an international sized insert which can be easily replace at most office supply outlets.
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