Fountain Pen - Legend - Green Labradorite and Ebony
Fountain Pen - Legend - Green Labradorite and Ebony
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Ebony has long been a symbol of exotic luxury.  It comes from the woodlands of Africa most notably Cameroon and is characterized
by deep black grain with subtle streaks of gray.  I have used this wood for the cap and the some of the small details in the barrel.  The main portion of the barrel is made from labradorite which is a reflective stone from Madagascar.  The stone was originally discovered in
Labrador, Canada which served as its namesake, but better supplies have since been discovered in Madagascar.  There is an acrylic cap liner to ensure the nib stays wet and ready for use each time you reach for it.  It will come fitted with a piston converter so you can use your favorite bottled ink. It will also include an international ink cartridge in case you prefer this filling method.  Additional cartridges may be purchased at most office supply outlets and stationary shops. This pen ships in a beautiful pen wrap hand crafted by my daughters of the finest tafeta.  Should you prefer a box, please check the box option. Box engraving is included with this option.
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