Large Rollerball Pen Rosewood Burl
Rosewood burl trancends beauty into the realm of indescribable luxury. This is wood is the result of a natural defect in the tree, which was generally discarded until a curious woodworker discovered the true potential of this wasted treasure. It has since become the holy grail to wood workers. I only have enough left to make about 50 more pens, and they are going very fast. The yellowish wood you see below is the sapwood, whereas the deep reddish brown is the heartwood. Not every pen will have sapwood, but I promise to never ship anything less than the very finest. If you specifically want this contrast, please email me from the contact form, and I will do my best to accommodate you. Finding more quality rosewood burl is simply impossible. Combine with the finest of rhodium and black titanium components, this hand made fountain pen stands above all others.  Great care has been taken to ensure perfect balance without the cap posting to the end. *This is a large pen.
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