Handcrafted Wood Pen - Rollerball - Rosewood Burll
Handcrafted Wood Pen - Rollerball - Rosewood Burll
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Rosewood Burl trancends beauty into the realm of indescribable luxury. This is wood is the result of a natural defect in the tree, which was generally discarded until a curious woodworker discovered the true potential of this wasted treasure. Combine with the finest of rhodium and black titanium components, this hand made rollerball pen stands above all others. It comes with a ceramic tip, schimidt stylus for effortless writing. With the cap in place, it measures 5 1/4 inches long. The stylus measures 4/3/4 inches from tip to end cap. Great care has been taken to ensure perfect balance without the cap posting to the end while writing.
Rollerball pen - rosewood burl
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