Handcrafted wooden Rollerball Pen - Padauk - Africa
Handcrafted wooden Rollerball Pen - Padauk - Africa
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PADAUK comes from the African wild appealing to our exotic senses. Deep reddish oranges and subtle wood grain combined with Rhodium and 22k gold accents make this a writing instrument of desire. This pen is made to be perfectly balanced for effortless writing without the cap posted. The stylus measures 4 5/8" from point to end cap. It s 5 1/4" long with the cap affixed. At the grip, the stylus is 3/8" in diameter and sweeps up to 1/2" +/- at the fullest point. It comes with a high quality schmidt cartridge. Refills are available where ever fine office supplies are sold.
Handcrafted wooden rollerball pen, Padauk
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